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Process Automation - RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a type of automation technology that is a key trend today. The name may convey the idea of physical robots, but it is actually software that manipulates and communicates with your business systems and applications to streamline processes and reduce the workload of your employees.

It is based on the automation of repetitive, tedious and predictable digital tasks in the workplace where autonomous decision-making is not required. For most companies, these tasks require a considerable amount of employee time and effort that could be spent on activities involving creativity and decision-making.

Among the most salient benefits of RPA automation are time and cost savings, working around the clock (24×7), minimising errors, multiplying efficiency, improving people's productivity and being non-intrusive.


In SYGNO we have a strategic partner specialised in the implementation and use of different RPA tools.

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