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Customised Project Development

The digital age is here and it brings us closer to the people, facilitating their needs through reliable, secure and easy to understand systems. At SYGNO we have our own methodology based on the best practices of CMMi and PMP, we know that time is of the essence and that is why we apply agile methodologies that allow us, together with a skilled team, to deliver successful projects in a timely manner. We have a team dedicated to custom software development in closed projects and maintenance of productive information systems, allowing our partners to concentrate on strategic plans and projects. 

Web Developments

Building and maintaining applications that use a web browser as a means of interaction with the user.

Mobile Developments

Construction and maintenance of applications that use a wireless device to interact with the user, which can be native or hybrid and for different mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android or other.

Developmental Cells

Multidisciplinary and multifunctional team of professionals who jointly implement specific technological solutions.

Test Cells

Multifunctional team of professionals in charge of performing test cycles on products or developments with specific environments.

We offer a high performance team trained with best practices to certify software quality according to business needs and with the ability to adapt to any software development methodology.

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